Power of Nature: Wellmaxx organics


When the very latest technologies harmonise with nature, the outcome is certified natural cosmetics, such as organics. The outward emblem for this ‘green’ series, and for its six products for nature-conscious customers, is the colour green and the natural cosmetics formula.

Look for the NATRUE symbol

It is the philosophy behind this series that permits the NATRUE label
to stand for certified natural cosmetics. This seal is a visual identifying feature for the consumer and is awarded by an independent organisation   The International Natural and Organic Cosmetics Association A.I.S.B.L. In terms of stringency and complete transparency, the NATRUE label outperforms all other definitions for natural cosmetics established to date in the German and European markets.
This internationally operating and non-profit association promotes natural and organic cosmetics and has high standards for quality and credibility. The NATRUE label is essentially a guarantee for strict rules and definitions.

organics fulfils all of the criteria

These criteria include the concept behind the organics series that all products must harmonise with nature. The criteria involve each and every raw material and ingredient, through to the packaging and its design. After all, nature exists only where nature can also be found: herbal active ingredients primarily grown in controlled, organic farming, along with select natural and essential oils. The organics series contains proven high-quality, active plant extracts, organic ingredients and natural oils such as argan oil which, together with the tree logo, forms the identifying feature for the series. You will be just as convinced by the high quality of the six products as by their effectiveness and gentleness to the skin. This is how organics, NATRUE-certified natural cosmetics, develops its full potential as beauty care brimming with the vitality of nature.